Digital transformation : Reinventing management in 5 steps

Juil 6, 2018 | Transformation managériale | 0 commentaires

You can talk about digital transformation all day long, without a real commitment to reinvent your management and create a proper « Management environment », nothing will be achieved.

Here are a few steps to begin with.

1. Making a proper case for the need to change

Whatever the reason, questioning of management practices should not just be a passing fad as it is something that affects everyone in a company.

2. Communicating openly and transparently

Management innovation is primarily cultural. It impacts values, beliefs, behaviours and changes century-old practices on a huge scale.

3. Creating a need for change

This step consists of allowing and encouraging staff to talk about well-known problems that are not usually broached Companies need to invite employees to formulate and express their problems, dissatisfactions, objections or doubts.

4. Mobilising collective intelligence

Solving problems and generating new ideas no longer needs to be based on models developed by renowned business consultants (they don’t exist any more, anyway). Rather it rests on the ability of companies to foster, and place value on, idea generation.

5. Building communities

Decompartmentalising a company, without changing the organisational chart, can be achieved by establishing “communities of engagement”.

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